Scribe acquires new graphic nonfiction by Jeff Sparrow and Sam Wallman

Scribe is delighted to announce the acquisition of 12 Rules for Strife, a new graphic nonfiction work by Jeff Sparrow (Fascists Among UsCrimes Against Nature) and Sam Wallman (Our Members Be Unlimited). This radical gift book will be an engaging, accessible, and provocative exploration of ‘rules’ for activism that are shovel- and meme-ready.

Illustrator/comics journalist Sam Wallman says, ‘I am really excited to be working on this book, which will celebrate and hopefully help point people toward “good trouble”. I am doubly excited to be collaborating with Jeff, perhaps the person who has taught me more about politics than anyone else on the planet.’

Writer Jeff Sparrow has also commented, ‘I am so pleased to be working with Sam, one of the most exciting and radical artists in Australia.’

Senior editor David Golding says, ‘Each author’s individual record of political writing and activism speaks for itself, and together Jeff and Sam are dynamite. This will be the perfect gift for politically engaged family members, friends, and fellow workers.’

Scribe will publish 12 Rules for Strife in time for May Day 2024 in both Australia and the US.

A sample illustration from upcoming publication 12 Rules for Strife by Jeff Sparrow and Sam Wallman.

12 Rules for Strife

This is a handbook for change. Because we all know ways in which life could be better. And it can be better. We can make it better.

We don’t need to wait for a leader or savior. We don’t need to limit ourselves to comments and clicks. In this stunningly original comic-book tour of a serious topic, Jeff Sparrow and Sam Wallman explore 12 powerful ideas distilled from the history of struggle for better lives, better working conditions, and a better world. They show how solidarity can be built across growing divisions—without compromising our values.

‘Strife’ is just another word for making yourself…

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